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New album 'Straw Woman' 

out now

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Reverieme ['ɾɛvɛɾi'mi] is Louise Connell, which is moot because you don’t know who that is (it’s also a made-up word, and an as-yet hypothetical household appliance brand name). Reverieme writes and plays music that’s melancholic and hopeful and dark and insular and inquiring and is much better communicated through sound waves than it is through adjectives.

Louise eats books – not literally, not yet – and her music is, inevitably, influenced by myriad different novels, plays, poems and stories. Reverieme also has innumerable musical inspirations, from Kimya Dawson, Jenny Lewis, Amanda Palmer and Regina Spektor to Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire, Of Montreal and Animal Collective; the common thread amongst all of which being the ability to create songs that punch you in the stomach and make you feel like you’re about to jump off a high diving board (while you inexplicably love it).

Reverieme will be releasing a 6-track mini-album in June and a full LP at the end of the year, with a boatload of gigs over the summer (though, sadly, none of these will actually take place on a boat due to a Captain Pugwash-related childhood trauma).

"This is the most beautiful folk-pop album you've probably never heard, which is a shame because if singers such as Amy Macdonald have paved the way for Scottish artists then surely ReverieMe is widening that path and showing just how strong the range and capabilities are of Scottish musicians."

- Kirsty Fraser, reviewing 2013 album "With Up So Floating"